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  • Edge IoT that allows your data to move freely: ADLINK
  • AWS IoT services for industrial, consumer, and commercial solutions.
  • ARM IoT Products. Technology that Removes the Complexities of IoT.
  • DELL: Edge analytics enables insights that keep you ahead.
  • e2mos is all about NEW BUSINESS DISCOVERY.
  • Google Cloud - Introducing Anthos: An entirely new platform for managing applications in today's multi-cloud world.
  • IBM Closes Landmark Acquisition of Red Hat for $34 Billion; Defines Open, Hybrid Cloud Future.
  • DUG Selects Intel to Build Its Latest Cloud-Based Supercomputer Tailored for Oil and Gas Exploration.
  • Microsoft Azure: What is cloud computing?
  • Verizon is one of the largest communication technology companies in the world.
  • Vodafone British Multinational Telecommunications Conglomerate has published its IoT Barometer 2019, a Free download report.
  • Vortex Edge: Connect the Unconnected, Stream Anywhere, Control the Edge with Vortex Edge from ADLINK.
  • How IoT is Transforming Maintenance for Manufacturers, a sponsored by Dude Solutions.
  • ADLINK Technology Accepted into Forbes Technology Council.


In this Edition

  • Vortex Edge: Connect the Unconnected, Stream Anywhere, Control the Edge, ADLINK
  • Vortex Edge Makes IoT Simple, ADLINK
  • Microsoft Spreads Open Enclave SDK, Integrates With Azure IoT Edge
  • SMARC Module for IoT and Industry 4.0 Apps, Kontron
  • Qualcomm launches 9205 chipset for IoT, wearables, and smart cities
  • Huawei Is the No. 1 IoT Platform Vendor, Says IHS Markit
  • ADLINK Technology Partners with Lenovo to Extend IoT and OEM Business Reach
  • SUSE announces plans to operate as a fully independent business
  • Ultra-low power accelerometer BMA400 from Bosch for IoT and wearables
  • What is Industry 4.0? Here's A Super Easy Explanation For Anyone
  • Microsoft is breathing life into IoT devices with an innovative algorithmic approach


    Protect IP and Deploy Secured Connected Systems with Microchip’s New CryptoAuthentication™ Device ATECC608A
  • ADLINK Adds Foghorn Edge Intelligence to IoT Digital eXperiments as-a-Service (DXS)
    Alliance enables high-fidelity, real-time analytics and edge-based machine learning in ADLINK's IoT experiments
  • Telia Norway connects bins in country's biggest NB-IoT contract
    Telia Company is bringing waste disposal into the Internet of Things after signing what it is claiming is Norway's largest NB-IoT contract
  • Enabling large-scale IoT – Arm Pelion IoT Platform and Intel Secure Device Onboard
    Fulfilling Pelion's “Any device, any data, any cloud” vision
  • WinSystems Introduces Pico-ITX Single Board Computer With Ideal Functionality for Embedded Industrial IoT Applications
  • Entrust Datacard and ADLINK Partner to Enable Trust at the Edge
    Technology partnership promotes secure-by-design adoption of the Internet of Things
  • These 5 IoT Energy-Harvesting Options Stand Out “in the Field”
    Fundamentals of Power - Welcome to the Power Design Center of Texas Instruments
    Over 25 applications notes FREE for direct download


In this Edition

  • ADLINK Smart Gateway Selected for Michelin-SoftBank Tire Control System
  • Understanding IoT and M2M
    Things, machines and people Changing the world byte by byte
  • GE Wants to Ditch Its Digital Assets,
    Who Will Buy Predix?
  • Demand growing fast for digital twins and AI in automotive, power generation and aviation, says GE's CDO
  • What Is Edge Computing?
    The cloud is no longer sufficient to instantaneously process and analyze the troves of data generated — or soon to be generated — by IoT devices, connected cars, and other digital platforms. Enter edge computing.
  • Compass Intelligence Honors ADLINK as Edge Computing Company of the Year
  • Industrial Internet of Things
    A high-level architecture discussion
    By: Doug Sandy, VP Technology, PICMG (5 pages)


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