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The Internet of Things will connect Billions of Devices, IoT World is connecting you with your Next Customers & Partners TODAY

IoT World is a Global Portal & Publication of e2mos

About IoT World

IoT World is a Magazine + a Website fully Dedicated to
IoT « Internet of Things » and M2M «Machine to Machine»

we will select what you need to know and make your life easy
during our 30-years Chip & Computer Business Experience we learned what you want

  • Same business model as the 3 other ones, Fully GLOBAL (see Logo’s below)
  • The Magazine will provide SELECTED Industry News & TOP New Products Info
  • FREE for DIRECT Download from this Website at any time
  • The Website will provide permanently and direct access to basic & key info, see menu above
  • Created and on line October 2015 to respond to Market needs
  • Publisher: e2mos

Why another Magazine

  • Prior IoT World we published IoT & M2M News in 2 other magazines:
  • Embedded Systems World (will continue also)
  • Telecom COTS World (will continue also)
  • There is so much going on in IoT that it needs Dedication, Selection & Priority
  • We have the Customer Relationship and the Market Expertise based on our background in
    the Semiconductor and the Embedded Computing Business for over 3 decades
  • We own a PREMIER Global Customer Database (started in 1980)
    «would be a pity not to use it for IoT»

Our added-value «Hands-on Examples»

  • We at e2mos are involved with Embedded Computing - Telecom - Broadcast since 1980
  • Global & Top Customer Relationship allowed us to build a UNIQUE Database Worldwide
  • Our major activity is « Business Development Consultancy & Services » this is a Prime Source to update and maintain our DB with Key Contacts in Volume see
  • EARLY BIRD Success Story: in 2002 we have been working with great success on a project of  30 million Smart Meters, as an example.
  • About magazines: we have published over 1,000 Editions for World-class companies

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3 Decades in the

Semiconductor and the

Embedded Computer

Business is something great that we can share



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Real CONTENT and

Reaching the Global

Target CUSTOMER Base

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Our mission is to provide you with information that can directly help you in your job and bring you added value.

Thanks to our background, we believe that we have reached the point to serve you better and faster and get rid of the waste.

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