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  • Vortex Edge: Connect the Unconnected, Stream Anywhere, Control the Edge, ADLINK
  • Vortex Edge Makes IoT Simple, ADLINK
  • Microsoft Spreads Open Enclave SDK, Integrates With Azure IoT Edge
  • SMARC Module for IoT and Industry 4.0 Apps, Kontron
  • Qualcomm launches 9205 chipset for IoT, wearables, and smart cities
  • Huawei Is the No. 1 IoT Platform Vendor, Says IHS Markit
  • ADLINK Technology Partners with Lenovo to Extend IoT and OEM Business Reach
  • SUSE announces plans to operate as a fully independent business
  • Ultra-low power accelerometer BMA400 from Bosch for IoT and wearables
  • What is Industry 4.0? Here's A Super Easy Explanation For Anyone
  • Microsoft is breathing life into IoT devices with an innovative algorithmic approach

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